Increasing Business Efficiency with EDI


EDI / EDIFACT – rapid contact to partners and suppliers

Business process automation:

Data clearing, import and export are fully automated:

  • Order Im- and Export with Customers and Suppliers
  • Dispatch Advices
  • Delivery Call-Off
  • Invoice Export
  • BMEcat / Item Catalogues
Orders interchange with customers and suppliers can be effected fully automatically and is checked by system for plausibility. So you achieve a high efficiency in handling.

Automate your supply chain workflows and increase your productivity
What is EDI?

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is easy to understand. EDI replaces the paper documents with electronic documents. EDI integrates communication technologies and specific software for the transparent electronic exchange of business documents (e.g. orders, delivery notes, invoices, etc.).

globalerp can process various file formats (XML, EDIFACT, IDoc, TRADACOMS, ODETTE, VDA) and supports the creation of document specifications. The routing functionality enables numerous documents to be sent to several addressees at the same time.

How Does EDI Work?

EDI is a computer to computer exchange of standard business documents in an electronic format. The exchange of documents takes place in a standardized format. The data from your partner’s ERP system can be called up using EDI, sent in seconds, and further processed in the recipient’s system.

Electronic data interchange

EDI Message Standards

The international standards for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) are EDIFACT and XML. Other formats are used depending on the industry and region, namely:

  • CSV-Format
  • ASCII-Fix-Rekord
  • VDA
  • BMECat
  • ANSI X.12
  • Tec Invoic

Every EDIFACT message is identified with a uniform and unique six-digit abbreviation. For example, the most common of these references are:

DELFOR Delivery schedule
DESADV Despatch advise
ORDERS Purchase order
INVOIC Invoice
ORDRSP Purchase order response
IFTMIN Instructions of transport
Benefits of EDI?
  • EDI reduces administration tasks by 60%
  • Data exchange among organizations and their customers, suppliers, and other business partners within seconds
  • Minimal risk of errors and improved data quality
  • Business process improvement
  • A reliable flow of information by using uniform international standards
  • Improving speed, accuracy and business efficiency
  • Improving Cash Flow
  • Efficient and effective supply chain management
EDI Integration

The cloud-based platform can easily be integrated into your company’s internal systems (e.g. ERP, WMS) using various communication protocols (e.g. AS2, FTP / VPN, SFTP, Web Service, OFTP, HTTPS).

Supply-Chain Optimization

globalerp EDI ensures a comprehensive optimization of data exchange with logistics and transport companies. As a result, you can work with several service providers in parallel without the need for additional integrations.


globalerp EDI-Plattform
We have already connected the following companies via EDI:

  • REWE
  • Metro
  • Real
  • Globus
  • Markant

  • Poco
  • Trends Ostermann
  • Möbelfundgrube
  • Mömax Slowenien
  • Möbelix-Mömax
  • XXXL Möbel Lutz

  • Lipo
  • Sconto Möbel
  • Möbel Kraft AG
  • finke

  • Vibracoustic
  • TRW Automotive
  • Plogsties
  • The Wall AG
  • EUROPART Holding
  • Autoliv B.V.

Additionally, the following industries:

  • Retail
  • Wholesale
  • Furniture Retail
  • Vehicle Parts Trade
  • Vehicle Manufacturer
  • Component Manufacturer

  • Food Retail
  • Variety Stores
  • Hardware Stores
  • Household Items
  • Automotive Supply Industries